Who needs a CPA?

Often small businesses or the start-up wonders why they would even need a CPA in this modern era when we have Google Analytics, Wooqer or Unomy to help?

That’s a valid question but the reality is that a CPA is even more important in the 21st century than ever before because Louisiana and the federal tax code are even more complex. The best of these platforms are great tools that can really help organize and simplify sales, invoicing or inventory, but they’re no substitute for a Certified Public Accountant.

Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A. completely understands this and has been serving small businesses in the Baton Rouge area since 2001.  Whether you’re an established business or a start-up we help you avoid the common pitfalls that many small businesses find themselves in.

Who we serve

No matter what your small-business it, Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A is fully prepared to assist you. Regardless of what your industry is, we already know every applicable tax code or license you’re going to need.

The diversity of our clients covers virtually every industry.

  • General Contractors
  • Medical professionals
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Landscapers

The list of industries we work with goes on and on and the chances are whatever your small business is, we already fully understand every applicable tax code you’re going to need.

Avoid trouble before it happens

Once you’re in trouble with the IRS or the Louisiana Department of Revenue it’s already too late and guaranteed to cost you money or even your business.

A SaaS platform isn’t going to help you avoid the top mistakes the average mom and pop and start-up makes, Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A will.

  • Not filing on time
  • Missing out on valid deductions
  • Poor recordkeeping
  • Claiming too many expenses
  • Claiming contractors as employees or vice versa

According to the IRS, about 33% of small businesses find themselves in some sort tax code trouble.  Another 32% of small businesses fail to set aside enough money to even cover their taxes.

Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A helps you avoid these headaches and saves you money by freeing your time to do what you do best-operate your business.

The start-up

Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A can help you get off to the right start in your business by providing you with the tools you need right away.  Getting a business off the ground is a tough job, to begin with, but its further complicate if you’re not aware of all of the tax codes and procedures you’re going to need.

If you work with a CPA to get your business off on the right foot, to begin with you’re going to avoid major headaches down the road.  What this means to you is more profit right off the bat because you’re already developing the right business financial management skills that will help your business operate more smoothly.

You’re far better off avoiding the troubles before they ever happen to begin with. Here’s where Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A will help the start-up before you even open the door.

  • Applicable state and local licenses and permits
  • The right SaaS tailored to your business
  • Prepare you for all withholding your business may need to file
  • Save money by developing good tax and bookkeeping habits

Established business

As an existing business you probably already know the ropes as to applicable taxes, withholding or filing and undoubtedly have an established system that works for you. But the old wife’s tale is wrong and you can teach old dogs new tricks and we will help the established small business in many ways.

  • Refine and modernize recordkeeping
  • Update SaaS program
  • Keep you current on new federal or state tax codes

Regardless of your current situation Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A will assist you in getting back on track if you’ve already found yourself in trouble or update your recordkeeping methods with the latest technology.

Alton Dale Thornton, Jr., C.P.A will help you

It doesn’t whether you’re existing businessperson who may have developed some bad recordkeeping habits or the fresh start-up, Alton Dale Thornton Jr., Certified Public Accountant will meet all of your business’s tax and financial needs.

We’ve been serving our community for years and have earned a reputation for being completely committed to our local businesses.  Our firm takes pride in offering personalized attention to our clients throughout the Baton Rouge area.

We go out of our way to fully understand all aspects of your business in order to aid in your financial success.

We use technology to increase efficiency, to ease the transfer of information between us and our clients, all while keeping our fees reasonable.

Alton Dale Thornton Jr., Certified Public Accountant is honored to have served the businesses of Baton Rouge over the years and we hope to continue serving for many more years.

We deeply appreciate our community’s continued support and we pledge to continue to support our local businesses and our clients in return.

Thank so much for your business.